2020. 8. 29 Gospel Feast 20th Anniversary Concert

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Gospel Feast Choir 20th Anniversary Concert!

Red, white, and yellow baloons in a big baloon represent the gown colors of
the teams who will sing later (^^♪

We will sing the songs which Pst. Anna taught us with thanksgiving♪

Concert began!
Dark red gown team sings at first!
This dark red gown was the 1st gown which Gospel Feast Choir wore!
They sang the songs in the red gown with deep affection!

With the picture of 20 years ago...
He hadn't change!

Next, the white gown team came on stage!
The white gown team joined the dark red gown team!

"Here comes the yellow gown team!!"
MC are Pst. Philip and Evangelist Yamamoto.

Families are on the stage together.
Parents sing in the dark red gown team, while childrens sing in the white or
yellow gown team.
It is moving☆☆☆

An encore is ”OH HAPPY DAY."

Concert comes to an end by prayer of Pst. Yoshida.

Surprise plan with "OH HAPPY DAY"
Love gift from Gospel Feast Choir!

We are practicing for the next stage!