2021. 12. 04 2021 Winter Concert


" 2021 Winter Concert " will begin!

Pst. Philip and Miriam, Evangelist serve MC.

Mustard Seed International Preschool students serve as the top batter in Part 1 of the concert.

They sing all songs in English☆

Their dance is also wonderful!

Joyful Kids from Joyful Children's Worship Service

Performance by Pure Praise

They all are so cool☆☆☆


T-shirts that kids are wearing (red, green, yellow) are original T-shirt for this 2021 Winter Concert with its theme "True Light" (John 1:5)

Skit performance!

It's KGC original story☆☆☆

Pst. Yoshida delivers the message.

Part 2 of the concert is the performance by Gospel Feast!

Very excited performance!

Pst. Ariga and his wife came and joined us!
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!