2003 Sukkot

Oct. 13 (Mon.) 2003

"2003 Sukkot celebrated by Christians" was held at Prayer House of the Water Brooks.

Leaves of Palm trees and tamarisk trees to cover a roof

It will begin soon!

Many people gathered.

Pst. Yoshida

Pst. Uchida
A shofar blew and the festival begins.

Brothers and Sisters who build Sukkot

Completed Sukkot

Light on the Menorah

Torah is read and walk among people.

Dance and praise

Pst. Anna

Dance and praise to "Mayim, Mayim"

-- Communion Service --

Communion service with Challah Bread

Ladle water out of a water jar into another water jar
Ladling one by one

-- Fellowship over Meal --

Surprised at having a reunion after more than 10 years of separation

I cooked these sweet potatoes.

Prayers of thanks after cleanup
Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord.