2006 Sukkot

Oct. 14 (Sat.) 2006

"2006 Sukkot celebrated by Christians" was held at Prayer House of the Water Brooks.

Thank God for the big harvest

-- Bazaar --

Many people attended

-- Building Sukkot --

Pst. Yoshida

Let us buid the Sukkot!

Completed the Sukkot...

Pst. Yukizawa
"Akebi" fruit growing up in a mountain of Kyoto

Let us bear lots of the fruits of the Spirit!

-- Communion Service --

Lighting candles

♪Baru Hata Adonai ~♪

Thank God for giving us the big harvest in autumn and abundant gifts from the land !

Thank God for giving us life through Jesus Christ, our Savior!


Singing songs of praises to the Lord

-- Fellowship over Meal --

-- Game Time --

Newspaper Biri-biri long long game

"Memorize these numbers in 30 seconds!"

I am the winner!!

See you next year...