2020 Sukkot

Oct. 10 (Sat.) 2020

"2020 The Feast of Tabernacles Celebrated by Christians" was held.

Completion of Sukkah in 2020!

Gifts for those who attended the feast☆☆☆
From the scriptures of II Samuel 6:18-19

a loaf of bread (raisin bagel), a cake of dates (from Israel), and a Challah bread

The Feast of Tabernacles 2020 will begin!

We watched the movie of The Feast of Tabanacles which has been held for 18 years
since 2002.

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Explanation of the Sukkah.

Pst. Yoshinori Yoshida of Kyoto Glory Church

Pst. Kazuhito Yukizawa of L'chaym Christian Church is delivering the message based on

this year's theme "Reconcilation of the Family of Abraham -- Alignment in the end-time."

Talking online with Israel

From Israel
Pst. Joseph Shulam of Netivyah

From Israel

Pst. Yehuda Bahana delivered message.
The background of Pst. Yehuda is our sukkot!

Romans 15:27
Offering to be sent to Israel
Prayer of Offering by Pst. Philip

Pst. Philip, Pst. Yukizawa, Pst. Yoshida