2008 Passover



Rod of Moses?


10 plagues


Seder Plate



      Ears of wheat




Shofar by Pst. John Yoshida tells beginning of the Feast.


   Pst. Kazuhito Yukizawa

 Celebrating together at the table of Passover...

Pst. Anna Yoshida



“Mensore (welcome)♪” from Okinawa Gushiken family




Reading the Bible...


Praise & worship ♪


Gospel song “Go down Moses ♪”


Fellowship over the Meal
“Passover pot eating hastily” Let’s eat hastily according to the order of Moses!!

We prepared 10 ingredients named 10 plagues.

People with rod are the roll of Moses.




We serve food in which flour is not used.



Horsetails harvested at the prayer house




Prayer mochi made of Yomogi (artemisia) harvested at the prayer house with toasted soybean flour


Very popular!! 1 cubit pudding

Specialty of Israel Dry figs


Cherry blossom flowers in jelly


♪Jazzy Dayenu♪


They won the game!